Our Style

At St. John's we practice a traditional style of worship. We read liturgy right from the hymnal because the carefully crafted responses between the Pastor and the congregation make for strong, doctrinal worship. Lutheran liturgy consists of speaking verses of Scripture back and forth to one another. There is no more profound truth that our lips can speak and no more powerful words that our hearts need to hear. Our worship is centered around God's Word.

For music, St. John's uses a traditional organ. There's nothing like a few hundred pipes sounding out the old tunes Christians have sung for hundreds of years. These are the same songs our parents and grandparents sang when they worshipped God, so hearing them played through the organ makes many of us feel at home. We will certainly use contemporary music now and then, but the organ remains our standard for worship.

Worship Assistants

We are always looking for people to volunteer for readings, help with communion, carry the cross in, ring the bell, etc. We want our congregation to feel like everyone plays a part, because they do. The church is a place where all believers, all equal and loved in the sight of God, gather to worship. We want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to feel like they're using their gifts and abilities to serve the Lord on Sunday morning. So if you want to help out or suggest a new idea, come talk to Pastor Mol and we'll see what we can do!