Our Mission

We have a simple, three-fold mission statement: Hearing God's Word, Learning God's Truth, Sharing God's Message.

  • Hearing God's Word

    The Word of God speaks the message of who Jesus is and what he has done for us. That's a message we need to hear each and every day. So we devote ourselves to hearing the Word of God as we read the Bible daily and attend church on Sunday. By doing so, we are always reminded of what we have in Jesus, and that gives us strength to live Christian lives.

  • Learning God's Truth

    Not only do we hear about what Jesus has done for us, we strive to live like him as well. In order to live Christian lives pleasing to God, we sometimes need to dig a little deeper into the Bible to see what it says about how we should act. Through Bible studies, devotions, and reading other Christian literature we look deeper into the bold truths of the Bible and use them to help guide our lives. 

  • Sharing God's Message

    This message of Jesus is so important that we cannot keep it to ourselves. As Christians, we have been given the task of sharing the message of Jesus with everyone we meet. We work hard to have events open to the community, volunteer for local organizations, and get to know the people around us so that through building relationships we might share the Gospel.